Since 2012, this is our 7th year of hosting Parade of Music Fund Raising Concert. This year, we are delighted to have Richmond Delta Youth Orchestra to join us again to help us with the music. They will be playing alongside Egret's Choir and pianist Chang Hajun.
Last year, we raised over $22,000 and donated $8000 to Paraguay, $8000 to Richmond Delta Youth Orchestra, $3000 to Taipei Yung Fu Rotary Club Hospital Project, and varies smaller projects! Come join us for a fun evening!

從2012年起, 我們開始了Parade of Music 慈善音樂會. 2018年募款所得達到 $22,934. 我們把善款捐給國際扶輪社小兒麻痺基金,扶輪社地區服務基金,列治文三角洲青少年管弦樂團獎學金,及購買陶瓷過濾器給巴拉圭原住民並幫助我們2012年起在巴拉圭建設的手工淨水陶瓷技術研究學院. 去年的音樂會來了超過700人,今年希望繼續得到大家的支持!
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