Alice Wu, being the youngest charter member at our club, came to Canada in June of 1988 when she was 6, from Taipei, Taiwan. She grew up in Vancouver since then.

In both elementary school and secondary school, she was a part of the band, the choir, the volleyball team and the basketball team which she had a passion for.

Being an active type of person, she found it hard to sit in class all the time. She also strived to search for new challenges constantly, which drove her into looking for part time jobs and volunteer activities as she went to school.

From shaking bubble tea, to serving guests, being a hostess, being a cashier, being a bartender, being a tutor, to now, where she has settled down as a financial advisor at Elite Wealth Management Inc. She is also working on her license in becoming a real estate representative currently to help her father continue his business.

As a financial advisor, Alice shared some basic financial knowledge with us. Such as the Wealth Formula, how to calculate the number of years for your money to double, the importance of knowing what kind of investment and insurance products you buy and an update on a couple of the most outstanding performance funds in Canada.

Alice continues to search for new challenges and overcoming life obstacles.