C.P. Harvey Lu (Rotary Club of Taipei Sunlight) was our guest speaker tonight.
C.P. Harvey Lu gave fellow Rotarians a speech on his 20 years of experience as a Rotarian in Taiwan. First, he mentioned the 'Object of Rotary' and the importance of understanding and fostering the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise. Second, he emphasized the importance of attending all club events and meetings as it's through these interactions that Rotarians can learn, build relationships and use the Rotarian spirits to serve the community. Third, he adviced that it is imperative that as a "young" club we begin to learn and establish our own policies in order to build a unique club culture to attract and retain members. Last but not least, C.P. Harvey thanked everyone especially C.P. Harrison Lin for making him an honourary member of our club. An induction ceremony was also held for our newest member, Michelle Chien this evening. She is our second new member of the year!