Get to know your Rotarian: Chi Shu Huang and Tony Chen
Get to know your Rotarian: Chi Shu Huang and Tony Chen Chu Shu Huang is an Accountant working for London Drugs currently. His major is in finance and accounting. His job is converting raw data into useful information for the company executives to make better decision. He would like to have good technical skill and learn to perfect his people skill. He would like to have advice from fellow Rotarian about how to pick and choose a road for his next 10 golden years. Rotarian has suggested that he should learn more experience from working for others and hopefully able to know what he really want to do in soon. Tony is an Architect. He is currently the CEO of his construction company. After he finished university in Taiwan, he went to US for Master in Engineering and Architectural. He worked in LA for many years until he moved to Vancouver. He explained some construction detail to us. In his field, there are real estate agent, real estate broker, developer, contractors, and subcontractors. He also explained the processes of developing a project. The first step is land acquisition. One has to exam the zoning, location, utility, and superstition carefully. The second step is budgeting. One has to calculate land cost, hard cost, soft cost, construction financing cost, and marketing & agent cost tightly. The third step is working with architect to come up with blue print for city to exam. The fourth step is to obtain permit which has to go through council meeting, public hearing, development permit and building permit. After all the license and permits are issued, then one has to obtain construction loan. The last step is to hire subcontractor to do some minor jobs.