The GSE Team of District 3500 from Taiwan has arrived Vancouver on April 28 .


The GSE team includes team leader Jason Teng and four members will visit District 5040 from Apr. 28 to May 26 2007 .


Vancouver Centennial club has the honor to be the first club in our District to greet and host the GSE team,especially the team from most of Vancouver Centennial club members' motherland -Taiwan.

From vastly different backgrounds, Jason Teng, Emerald Wu, Celesta Chen, Sophie Huang and Josh Feng arrived as a team from

Taiwan on April 28, 2007 . They were met by the warm welcome of the Vancouver Centennial Club. CP Harrison hosted a potluck dinner at home after a whole day tour in Vancouver . District 3500 GSE team not only attended our regular meeting on Tuesday night but also had a mission to bring out the many beautiful facets of Taiwan . The Vancouver Centennial Club was pleased to be the first audience of the team's presentation on the people, places, history and culture of Taiwan, and wished the team success in the weeks that follow.