Our club had the Vocational Service on March 3, 2007 at Vancouver Formosa Academy.Thanks to our Rotarian Warren Chueh, we have a chance to understand the role of Vancouver Formosa Academy as a stepping stone for ESL students and also for new immigrants who wish to learn English to fit into Canadian society.
 Vancouver Formosa Academy was established in 1980's. It serves those students who study English as their second language from grade 7 to grade 10. Most students are able to transfer to public school and also private school. Since Vancouver Formosa Academy specialized in ESL program, it allows the students to fit into Canadian education program smoothly. 
Until now, Vancouver Formosa Academy has developed more programs including ESL program for adult students. The school is certified by the Vancouver School Board and recognized by all public and private schools. Most of the teachers who teach in Vancouver Formosa Academy have been with the school since the beginning. As a result, the teachers understand how to help students without English background. 
It is our pleasure to learn the history of Vancouver Formosa Academy from the principle and our Rotarian. It has been an educational experience for how a specialty school runs.