A special Tuesday last week, where we held our first Vocation Service of the year at Daniel's restaurant, Pearl Hot Pot.
As a member of RCVC, Daniel provided us with an extravagant hot pot dinner. We all had our own pots to ourselves and we can choose our main course with different kinds of meats or seafood. It was delicious and very filling. During our service, we were also able to welcome back Richard from Taiwan. He brought back a souvenir for us to auction off within the club, and with Joanne's outsanding auction hosting, we were able to make $105 from our generous, David Wang. Daniel also donated two Salmons for us to auction and $50 was made from that. Lastly but not least, the new optional uniforms donated by Quentin, that we bid to $25 was also a success. I believe every single member in the club purchased one. So congrats to RCVC for a big rack this week!! Kudos to all members of RCVC for being generous and supportive for each other. We deserve a big pat on our backs!