Dec. 15 2007 Rotary Club of Chung Ho Full May and Rotary Club of Vancouver Centennial became Sister Clubs.


Taipei is an easy-going city with much to endear itself to the tourist, from animated night markets and colorful temples to warm-hearted residents and uniquely local food. Taipei is also the bustling centre of Taiwan's commerce, government and culture. Chung Ho Full May Club is located at Taipei County, Taiwan. 

After signing Friendship Club agreement on Aug. 7 '07, Rotary Club of Chung Ho Full May and Rotary Club of Vancouver Centennial made great progress and became Sister Clubs on Dec. 15 '07.

On behalf of our president Kenneth Liu, Board of Directors and all of the members of Rotary Club of Vancouver Centennial, CP Harrison Lin signed the Sister Club agreement with Rotary Club of Chung Ho Full May President Emma Wu at Taipei. This is s historic moment at RCVC. RC of Chung Ho Full May is the first Sister Club of RCVC.

Dec. 15 is also the date of 10th Anniversary Charter Event of Chung Ho Full May Club. We would like to say "Happy Birthday" to our newest Sister Club.

Sister Sister Club

Before the event, Rtn. Quentin Li had a tiny incident and couldn't attend the great event.  He travelled all day from Harbin, China to Taiwan on Dec.14 and stayed at the home of Rtn. Sport, Foundation Committee Chair of RC of Taoyuan Bai Ling. He planned staying there only 30 hours to attend the event. Due to his accompanying conditions of Hyperthyroidism, he lost almost all the power to control his muscle around 3 am on 12/15. That's mean he could not move at all. He knew his blood potassium (K+) was too low. Rtn. Sport call 119 (911 in Taiwan) in the early morning and Quentin was sent to emergency room of local hospital.
After 15-hours treament at ER, he was able to stand and walk and released by ER doctor around 8:30 pm on 12/15.
Next day early morning he flied to China again for his business.
30 hours in Taiwan, 15 hours staying at ER. --- It's an unforgettable experience.

Rtn. Quentin would like to special thanks to Rtn. Sport; President Grinder; PP Jason; CP Harrison and his wife Alice; President Emma; IPP; Secretary Fu and Rtn. Vicky for expressing their warm concern during his stay at ER.