Rtn. Quentin Li went to Baiyin, Gansu, China for an AFS mission on Febuary then go to Seattle to attend Pacific Northwest Presidents Elect Training Seminar on Mar. 6.

The Baiyin mission is the 11th medical team from AFS to China to provide free surgeries and dental treatment for children born with cleft or palate anomalies.This trip they screened more than 170 children and scheduled around 140 surgeries.

The PNW Presidents-elect Training Seminar is the largest and one of the oldest multi-district PETS training sessions. PNW PETS is a joint effort of the nine Rotary districts in the Northwest area of North America (and eastern Russia). This large area includes the states of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, parts of Idaho and California, the Canadian province of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory and Russia east of the Ural Mountains.

Rtn. Quentin & RI Past President Clifford Docheterman (1992~93)

Rtn. Quentin with RI President-Elect D.K. Lee and wife Young Ja

DGE Bob,PEs,DT Penny and R.I. Past President Richard King

Pacific Northwest PETS

Key Rotary International Leaders and renowned motivational speakers provide inspirational and timely presentations at the Plenary Sessions during the PETS. Speakers this year include:Cliff Dochterman, RI Past President, who is also the author of "The ABCs of Rotary"; D K Lee, RI President-elect; Rick King, RI Past President....

Rtn. Quentin learned a lot at PETS and did enjoy fellowships from many Rotarians. It's a great,educational and fun event for all future leaders at Rotary.