As he walks 2,200 miles from Mexico to Canada Nathan Auerbach is doing best to avoid wearing out his shoes,.......

Polio is a crippling and even deadly disease that still affects thousands of children around the globe, and yet polio is completely curable. Why, then, does it still exist? The answer is that it doesn't have to. It's one of many goals of Rotary International to relegate polio to the history books. Obliterate it, forever, from the face of the Earth.

After setting his goal to raise funds for eradicating polio, Nathan Auerbach, a member of the Rotary Club of Coto De Caza/Rancho Santa Margarita, walked 2,200 miles from Tijuana, Mexico to Vancouver, British Columbia and connected with with more than 100 different Rotary Clubs on the way.

Nathan arrived at the RI Building at UBC on Sunday August 14 to a warm reception that included Rotarians from both sides of the border--and members of the Rotary Club of Greater Vancouver Centennial--as well as Claire King, Nathan's volunteer physiotherapist from the UK, and his mother. Among other greetings is a personal letter from Rick Hansen who praised Nathan's dedication and congratulated him on completing the walk.

While the walk is successfully completed, our fight against polio is not yet over. Find out more about Nathan's trip and how you can help realizing this goal, please visit the website at