100 seniors were entertained by Centennial Club members. First hand experience told by Dr. Ruey-horng Chien about The Rotary Yoneyyama Memorial Foundation work.

On January 5, 2008 the Centennial Club started off its first 2008 community program by providing an afternoon of entertainments to 100 seniors at the Dogwood Care Home. Video on attractions and culture of Taiwan was played. CP Harrison Lin joined Daphne Hwang and students of her music studio to make performance in Erwu, piano and violin. Rtn. Yung Kou and Ms. Lin Lin demonstrated the art of combining water, tea leaves and tea sets for the enjoyment of tea, which was served along with cakes provided by Rtn. Jeffrey Hwang. Seniors were presented with a scarf as a gift before the afternoon ended.


 In the Club meeting of January 15, 2008 Dr. Ruey-horng Chien of Taipei Economic & Cultural Office, Vancouver talked about the scholarship he received from the Rotary Yoneyyama Memorial Foundation. Mr. Yoneyyama is the Charter President of Rotary Club of Tokyo, first Rotary Club in Japan. The Foundation has helped a lot of students from China, Taiwan and Korea and other countries come to Japan to study.


 Vice President Joanne Cheng & Dr. Ruey Horng Chien