We had our first meeting at the Flamingo Restaurant on Tuesday and, to me, it was a tough one to accept.
Despite the fact that we are paying $20 a head for the "partially" enclosed space we were given and the "not so worth $20 Chinese food", the noise was unbearable. As our newest member, Larry, was trying to give us his speech about his work, most of us sitting near the back of the room were unable to hear due to the noise from the rest of the restaurant through the doorway of our space. Children were screaming and crying, people chattering and dishes clattering as usual in a typical Chinese restaurant. Although there was a microphone given to the speaker, the restaurant decided to blast music through the speaker that the microphone was going into. I have also asked the waiter/waitress not to disturb us while the speech was going on, they seem to not understand as they continued to come in and out to clear out the left over food. As this could all be my own opinion, I give it a two thumbs down.