Rotarian Chris Offer, Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator and PDG #5040, visited our club on May 6, 2005 and gave the audience an inspirational speech and functional tips about recruiting, retaining and growing club membership.
by Rene Li

Below is a brief recapitulation of his insights:


- Average age of all Rotarians worldwide 50 +/-

- 42% of membership lost during first 3 years of joining

- Female membership, at 13% worldwide, is under-represented

Membership Recruitment Plan:

Chris emphasized that, like running a business, one needs to put together a plan which should include the following components:

- Set a goal of NET growth?i.e., new members less lost members

- "Advertise"?word of mouth, local media, resources group

- How to get members involved in Projects

- Expand need for humanitarian services

- Where appropriate, obtain financial support from Rotary International

The 5 "I" in recruiting:

- Identify?from among church, sports, client, family, and social groups

- Inform?Tell them about Rotary

- Invite?friends to Rotary meetings

- Induct?them into Rotary

- Involve?them in Projects

A new member needs:

- A sponsor?someone to encourage him/her to meetings

- An assignment within the club and Rotary projects

- Nourishment/training/education about Rotarian-ism

Thank you Chris for your useful tips!