John is a conductor from Taipei musical orchestra. He has been living in Taiwan for 17 years before coming back to Canada to obtain his PHD in music. Recently, he led the UBC student orchestra to Taiwan for a tour. Because of his experience, he talked about Taiwan cultural and his passion for music.



John graduated from North West University in the US. At the time, Taiwan national music theater had just been built and need many musical instructors to form an orchestra. John didn't realize that he would end up staying in Taiwan for 17 years. He loved Vancouver but Taiwan just gave him many opportunities. He first started with tuba playing and he learned how to be a conductor afterward.


From his observation, he found that Taiwanese parents really take care of their children in every aspect. However, sometimes, they loose track of what their children really want to do. For western parents, they allow their children to be more independent but did not really help out too much. So he thinks that if there can be a mixture of both cultural. He also thinks that the politics in Taiwan should listen to people more and don't go too right or left.