The story started from an email from Taiwan in the begining of the July 2007.

Emma Wu,President of Rotary Club of Chung Ho Full May, sent an email to our IPP Wells Hsu.

She gave Wells about the brief introduction of her club and told him they would visit our club on Aug. 2007 and would like to become our sister club.Since Wells and Quentin would fly to Taiwan on the middle of July, they decided to visit Rotary Club of Chung Ho Full May.

July 24 Quentin took Taiwan High Speed Rail from Taichung to Taoyuan to meet Wells and went to Chung Ho at Taipei County together. When they arrived the venue, Wells and Quentin received the warmest welcome from all the Rotarians at Full May Club.

During the meeting, CP Su-mei gave them a set of her books as gift. She even sent one set to our CP Harrision. Their outbound YEP (Youth Exchange Program) team did a English presentation which they would show at the hosting clubs overseas.

That evening President Emma invited Wells and Quentin to Taipei Shangrila Hotel for the dinner with club officers. It's an wonderful evening with great food and good friendship.

Quentin had ten-days stay at Taiwan this trip and attended three club's meetings at RC of Taoyuan Bailing ,RC of Full May and RC of Taoyuan South. He would like thank all the clubs he visited for their hospitality.


IPPWells;President Emma;CP Sumei;Quentin

Rotarians we greet you

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Rotary Club of Full May

Dinner with Club officers