Albert Tseng's member application has been approved by board.If there is no objection from the other member,Abert will be the first new member of the Club in Rotary Year 2007~2008. James Wu committed to making a big donation to the Club.

Albert Tseng is the President of the Canadian Inbound Tourism Association Asia Pacific. Formed in 1996, the Association consists of 400 members from various fields with vested interest in the tourism industry. There are hoteliers, restaurant operators, travel agencies, bus companies, tourist attractions operators and travel agencies. The Association believes in the delivery of the best products and the best services to its customers.

 With an extensive network of relationships, Albert will be a valuable addition to the Club. The Club is running a deficit since the beginning of the Rotary Year. In view of this, James Wu has committed to making a significant donation to the Club. IPP Wells Hsu immediately proposed that this be recognized. More details are to follow. Thanks James.