District 3500 GSE team leader Jason Teng, past president of Rotary Club of Taoyuan West, invited Rtn. Quentin to attend his club's meeting on Jun. 6 2007.


When Quentin arrived the venue, he received a very warm welcome from Rotarians of RC of Taoyuan West.Quentin also met lots of Rotarain Anns (Spouses of Rotarians) during this visit.Spouses of Rotarians usually attend the regular meeting of Taoyuan West if there is a speech.

RC of Taoyuan West President Nick presented a special gift for all members of Rotary Club of Vancouver Centennial. We are not only looking for a joint project but also closed relationship between each club.

Jun. 6 is also President Nick's birthday. Happy Birthday to Nick!

President Quentin andPresident Nick