Raymond Li and Cecilia Liu from the Charity Fund of the Children Hospital called on Rotarians to open their wallets for good causes.

Before Raymond Li made his presentation on May 29, 2007 about the history of the Children Hospital Charity Fund, it was probably unbeknown to most of us that our hospital health system has no budget for researches and developments. Researchers have been funded by donations, results of the effort of many donors and volunteers working for the good causes.


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Raymond Li and Cecilia Liu

President Wels and Raymond

The Hospital's objective is to bring more smiles to children. Cecilia Liu gave a first hand experience on how the Hospital helped her stay together with her loving daughter, Cameron, for eighteen months. The time might be too short for most people, but for Cameron, who suffered from the "Bubble Boy" desease, and Cecilia, they are very thankful for the effort of the staff of the Children Hospital. Average life of a "Bubble Boy" is a year.

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