Tonight was another special night for the members of RCVC. First of all, we welcomed a new member to our club, David Wang, who was introduced by Joanne Cheng. Another set of helping hands to contribute to our club!

Secondly, we had a surprise visiting Rotarian by Dr. Moshe Birger from Jaffa Rotary Club all the way in Israel! It's always a delight when other Rotarians visit. He shared with us briefly about his experiences as a Rotarian and the services they have provided. He is expected to visit us again next week to share more in detail. Lastly but not the least, our special guest speaker was Mr. Ben Hsiao who is a retired lawyer from Taiwan. He shared with us his personal thoughts about the cultural differences between Canada and Taiwan. He also talked about the history and political issues of Taiwan. Mr. Hsiao is now a writer with a book recently published.