From Chi Gong to Tai Chi, from Pottery to Painting, from Chinese Sniff Bottle to Vietnamese Figurines, the members' meeting on December 19th was an evening enriched with culture.
 Master Wu's presentation was always enlightening, and sometimes drawing a few controversy, but well appreciated by the audience. Big tribute to David who hosted the family pottery night and brought back some of the work. Our undisputed artists and painters are Alice and Whitney. Congratulations.  
Thanks also to Larry who brought gifts from overseas, and the proceeds from auction of these items went to the Club.
Lastly, CP Harrison clarified the use of the name and emblem by Rotarians. It is a previlege for members to use the name and emblem (David can attest to that). However, RI constitutions prohibit the use of the Rotary name and emblem on business stationery and business cards.  The use of the name and emblem, and members' list for for political gains are also considered in violation of the spirit of Rotary.