It is the last week of the fiscal year for the Rotary Club and we prepared to a brand new year of service. A budget and a new Board of Directors were announced.

Our president elect, Wells Hsu, had also returned from his trip to Taiwan and China where he completed our International Service for the year. He was able to share with us about his journey in searching for the Native Taiwanese people that lived in the mountains who were serious alcoholics. Although our funds were limited, we were able to fund some of the people money for medical attention as well as helping them build a new healthy life...sober.

Our District Governor, Sonia Wolowidnyk, also joined us on this special day to present us with something really special to us. Before the year comes to an end, she presented us with our charter certificate. It is the last piece of the puzzle to complete us for the year as well as it will bring us to the next puzzle.

As this year ends, we also end our uncertainty as to what the Rotary Club is all about. Now that we have that down pact, we're able to make the succeeding years a smoother ride.

Congratulations to our fellow Rotarians of Vancouver Centennial! We've made through this year with flying colours. Soon we'd be over the rainbow!