On Sunday, June 18th 2006, our club performed our first community service for the year.

Our goal was mainly to help elders by providing free medical examinations as well as the prescriptions. The medical examinations were based on Chinese medicinal herbs and chiropractic where Dr. Ken Kuo, Dr. Jeffrey Hwang and Dr. Sylvia Tse specialized in. Bema Botanical Solutions(Canada), Sun Ten and Sheng Chang Chinese Medicinal Herb companies sponsored us with the medicine prescribed by the doctors.

This event began at ten in the morning and ended at four in the afternoon. Our goal for the day was to have sixty patients who had to register for a time slot with the doctor and it was a success! It was a full day with patients coming in and out continuously. We received many outstanding feedbacks from our patients about our services. Asides from that, we were able to share with the community what the Rotary Club was all about while the patients were waiting to pick up their prescriptions.

As a newly chartered club, I believe that everyone that participated in this event learned a great deal from this experience and we hope to make it better the next time, as we plan on providing this service annually to our community. I also like to dedicate a sincere gratitude to our Doctors that provided this service for us. On that specific day, not only was it Father's Day, it was also Dr. Ken Kuo's birthday and to see that these doctors dedicate their entire day providing a service to the community rather than themselves, they truly showed us what being a Rotarian was all about--Service Above Self.