Mr. Chen described how ICBC works. Since ICBC is owned by the government and a monopoly business in the car insurance filed. Therefore, it represents both parties in a motor vehicle accident. As a result, there might be beneficial conflict during resolution. When we buy insurance from an auto plan agent, most of them are independent contractor. As for the Claim Center, all the employees are hired by ICBC.



When an auto accident happens, there are two major criteria to discuss. One is damage and the other is liability. For example, a rear-ended auto accident, the car that hits the car in front is over 90% liable in causing the accident. If there is a lawsuit occurs, it is the ICBC that has to resolve the issue. This is why we buy auto insurance to protect our financial estate. However, there are a few situations where the ICBC can refuse to pay for the damage such as drinking driving, expired license, or break/abuse insurance policy.


Mr. Chen also provided many examples of liability in different types of collision. Last, Mr. Chen had made some suggestions to all of us. It is better to increase the liability payment amount to decrease some unnecessary risks. Also, if you are involved in a auto accident, please find a witness immediately and record the name and phone number.