We had an expected return from Dr.Moshe Birger of the Rotary Club of Jaffa in Israel today. We invited him back for the second time as a special guest speaker.
Dr.Birger took us back in time to the history of Israel which was Palestine. He took us all the way back to 500 BC where it started off with ten tribes of Jewish groups. Dr.Birger gave us a detailed history of how Jewish people were moved from place to place and their different beliefs as they lived in different parts of Europe and the Middle East. Back then, Jewish people were also banned from England and Spain. The first country to give the Jewish people full rights was the United States of America. To this day, there are still Zionists among the Jewish community. Zionism is the national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland. Dr.Birger really took us on an interesting journey to the past of Israel and the Jewish people. It was a delight to have him join us again before he returns to Israel. The Assistant Governor, Nancy Nikolai, also joined us to give us this year's Directory booklet.