Erhu has two notes, Gu Zheng has more. They have one thing in common - they shared a note of success.



A Celebration of Spring - Qin and Zheng in Harmony was held at The Norman Ruthstein Centre on January 27, 2007, attended by over 300 audience, including DG Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Conway.

Qin Qin

 Organized by The Rotary Club of Vacouver Centennial and Ying Cai Musical Centre, the event was one of the more important fund raising activities of the Club for the year. Preparation for the event went back several months. CP Harrison Lin and club memebers arranged the venue, co-ordinated with the musical school and were tireless in making sure that all available tickets were distributed. 50% of the net proceeds of ticket sales will go the Club to support services to the community.

As someone mentioned at the end of the concert: this is an evnet which is worth turning into an annual function.

Qin Qin Qin DG

Qin The