溫哥華世紀扶輪社為北美洲唯一以華語為開會語言之扶輪社,在2005年扶輪創立100週年時邀集各不同行業有志人士籌組而成.從2012年開始到2019年的慈善音樂會募款所得超到 $100,000.我們把善款捐給國際扶輪社小兒麻痺基金,扶輪社地區服務基金,列治文三角洲青少年管弦樂團獎學金,及購買陶瓷過濾器給巴拉圭原住民並幫助我們2012年起在巴拉圭建設的手工淨水陶瓷技術研究學院.因為新冠病毒我們停辦了2020,2021,2022的慈善音樂會.今年我們終於可以再度舉辦慈善音樂會.今年還是有列治文三角洲青少年管弦樂團以及Prima Ballet的演出. 因為新冠的影響,這次的募款希望能幫助到列治文醫院,列治文三角洲青少年管弦樂團,及溫哥華世紀青年服少團的社區計畫. 
Rotary club of Vancouver Centennial is the only Rotary Club in North America to host its meeting in Mandarin. Rotary Club of Vancouver Centennial was established in 2005. Parade of music was a fundraising concert started in 2012. From 2012-2019, we fundraised over $100,000 to support Rotary International Eradicated polio projects, scholarship for Richmond Delta Youth Orchestra, and our water project which donate ceramic water filters to indigenous people in Paraguay. Due to COVID, we stopped our fundraising concert in 2020, 2021, and 2022. This year, we finally can start the fundraising concert again. This year, we will support Richmond Hospital, RDYO, Vancouver centennial interact club projects.